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For those of you missed the special announcement made at this summer's Open House event, here's a recap...


Dr. Katherine Igah-Phillips, founder and owner of Returning to Nature, LLC., is now also the owner of Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center! With her Atlanta-based medical practice, Dr. K. is committed to providing the highest quality of customized Integrative and Holistic medical care!


The Mind Body Spirit Wellness, Inc. team currently consists of the following:
- Owner: Katherine Igah-Phillips, MD
- Family Nurse Practitioner: Kyla Shaw, FNP-C
- Medical Director: Maiysha Clairborne, MD 
- Lead Administrative Assistant: Trinna Williams

Stay tuned for our next Open House "Meet & Greet" as we announce the addition of new team members and new Integrative services!


Mind Body Spirit Wellness, Inc. services currently consist of the following:
- Acupuncture
- Nutrient IV Therapy
- Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
- Hypnotherapy
- Timeline Therapy
- Energy Healing
- Functional/Specialty Lab Testing
- Nutrition Counseling
- Wellness Coaching
- Supplement Therapy


Special Offer:
If you're reading this, then we'd like to extend the opportunity to book a few minutes FREE of charge to see what we can do for your current health concerns at the clinic! Simply call (404) 478-9868 and request a "PRE-Appointment Consultation"! You will then be booked for a FREE 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your current health concerns one-on-one with a practitioner on our team!


CLICK HERE to check out the Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center website for more info! Also, if you're on social media, please use the icons at the top of the email to LIKE Returning to Nature on Facebook, and FOLLOW Returning to Nature on Instagram. Stay tuned for more blog posts, wellness events and general health tips on how to achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance!