"As far as medicine goes, I’m not big on doctors or taking pills. I decided to give Returning to Nature and Dr. K a try because of the IV Therapy. First of all, I want to start with the attention to detail and customer service you receive. The consultation is very thorough, and Dr. K. actually takes her time to listen and advise you on what she recommends and suggests. It isn’t a “take this or that or you’ll die" speech as most other doctors give you (that’s my interpretation). 
The IV treatment was AMAZING!!!!! I had so much energy the next day, I felt refreshed, it was like a reset button had been pushed, my body felt great and I felt very hydrated for weeks. I enjoyed it so much the first time that I did it again and decided to include acupuncture and the fire cupping technique. These were done by Dr. Summer, and she was very attentive to detail and took her time to explain everything she did including what I was supposed to feel and the benefits. 
I will definitely be coming back on a regular basis and make Returning to Nature, Dr. K and Dr. Summer a more frequent visit. I also want to point out the office (Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center) has a very warm feeling to it where you feel very relaxed. 
I had my doubts initially about holistic medicine because I thought it was unconventional, but after doing research on my own, seeing the results and benefits I’m sold and wish I would’ve started doing this years ago. I had old sports injuries that doctors would just give me pills for and ever since I’ve been seeing Dr. K a treatment or two and the pain is gone or injury has been reversed due to my body using itself to heal. Thanks Dr. K."

– J. Ansah, Duluth, GA

"Dr. K. will stick with you no matter what! She will make sure you're on the right track, by all means. If you need someone who doesn't gives up, and believes in you by all means, she's the best."
– J. English, Releigh, NC

"Two words that would describe my experience since working with Dr. K. would be "Life Changing"! Prior to connecting with her I was experiencing sleepless nights, (which caused me to be lethargic and fatigued), I was also overweight and suffering with depression. Referred to her by a mentor, I was nervous about opening up and being vulnerable, however, her genuineness reassured that I could trust her and all would be well. We met, we talked, and I received my protocol along with homework assignments. I committed to the protocol and as a result I have lost 25 pounds, no more sleepless nights, and most importantly with Dr. K.'s assistance I have discovered who I really am. Dr. K. is knowledgeable and compassionate and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in having their body, mind, and spirit transformed!"
– M. Moore, Marietta, GA

"I was having pain in my upper legs/lower back, plus very often fatigued. I consulted with Dr. K. and have been putting her better healthy lifestyle advice and more into practice. My pains are now gone, and I have lost some weight too."
– A. Adeyemi, Lagos, Nigeria

"In 2010 I was diagnosed as a type II diabetic after a visit to the hospital. I went the hospital with a blood sugar level at 586. I ended up staying for 2and a half days. I struggled with my sugar levels for four years doing it my way. On November 2ndof 2014, Dr. K.drew my blood to analyze it herself. After getting my results, Dr. K. said, “I can reverse everything that is wrong”. Dr. K. put me on a strict nutritional diet. My Hemoglobin A1c was 8.1, and my fasting blood sugar readings were averaging around 200. In November, my weight was 278 lbs. By February 2nd of 2015, my blood sugar was 127; my Hemoglobin A1c was 5.5; and my weight was 251 lbs. I just wanted to share my experience with everyone. Dr. K. taught me how to keep my blood sugar under control."
– S.Phillips, Durham, NC

"Dr. K. has caused so many remarkable changes in my life (for the good) that it’s difficult to know where to even begin. The largest impact made on my health would probably have to be her supplement therapy. She uses the best, high-quality supplements for her clients and I truly respect that, along with managing how and when they should be taken. Her B-Complex protocol has dramatically improved my memory, mood and energy levels. Her probiotic/digestive enzymes protocol has helped me tremendously in normalizing my gut’s good bacterial levels and intestinal nutrient absorption. Her Vitamin C & D protocols have greatly enhanced my immune system. Before initiating therapy, my primary care physician drew my blood and logged my vitamin D level at 14. After working with Dr. K., my latest vitamin D level was 52, and my primary care physician couldn’t believe her eyes. In general, Dr. K.’s website alone is jam packed with incredible info that I read and implement on a regular basis, causing marked improvements to various components of my life. Thanks to Dr. K., I am now drinking more water than ever before, eating better, cooking better, and excited about the impact my new lifestyle has been having on my over-all wellness. Lastly, Dr. K. as an individual is very impressive…I love how she meets people where they are at, making sure her messages arecomprehendible and digestible. She is very patient, calm and inviting. She will work with you until you get it. Her bedside manner and professionalism are unmatched…she is very easy to talk to and she actually listens. All of this is very much unlike the majority of other doctors I have had, so I am truly grateful!"
– M. Igah, Cleveland, OH

"Dr. K. is an amazing doctor. She is extremely knowledgeable on natural remedies to cure what can be very serious medical conditions. I have always been impressed by her professionalism and even more impressed by the patience she shows during consultations and follow-ups. If you are looking for the natural alternative for what the western doctors have said... look no more, Dr. K. is the way to go."
– A. K. Jackson, McDonough, GA

"I just recently have been checking out Dr. K.’s Returning to Nature Facebook page, and I can’t tell you hoe beneficial it has been! Long story short, I’ve been trying to lose weight for a weight loos contest I entered at my gym, which prompted me to start researching foods that are both good for me, and would help me on my weight loss journey. Well, it started off as a motivation to win $500, and now the more I read and learn, the more it has become about more than just the money. The article on being Vitamin D deficient was most beneficial! I recently discovered through blood work that my own Vitamin D level was at six point something…geesh!! The information shared in the article gave me more insight about this deficiency. I’ll share more as I continue through this wellness journey! Thank you, Dr. K., for creating the Returning to Nature page!"
– A. McCreary, Franklin, KY

"The first word that comes to mind when I think of Dr. K. is GENUINE. If you strip away all of the medical components of her, she as a person has an overwhelming love for mankind in general. Then, when you add in the fact that she’s a doctor, her work is now on a whole new level. Dr. K. is not your average doctor. To this day, I have never been in a doctor’s office and experienced someone like her. Her bedside manner, her character, her vibe, how considerate she is…again, I’ve just really never experienced this before. She goes the extra mile to really take on her patients’ circumstances because she is committed to making a difference in people’s lives. It’s definitely not at all about the money, but more-so about impacting those in need. I have a lot of respect for that."
– R. Phillips, Atlanta, GA

"I fully support Dr. K.’s Returning to Nature mind, body and spirit wellness approach. I tore my ACL 3 years back and she provided me with 3 different natural supplements to help with healing and inflammation. I have been taking them for about 8 months now, and I’m proud to say that I am pain free, swelling free, and back to my normal competitive physical activities as I was before the injury with no pharmaceutical medicine intake! I highly recommend Dr. K.’s services, her website and her natural supplements to anyone who can relate to me or have other mind, body or spirit ailments, as they will gain quick results!"
– F. Igah, Dayton, OH

"Thanks! I have been working with your wellness protocol diligently, and it is great! My maintenance of your program, including better nutrition and physical activity, have caused me to have exceptional results. Flawless physical exams, Blood Pressure at 118/78, Oxygen Saturation at 100%, Heart Rate at 49 bpm...this is the lowest I've seen my numbers in over 15 years! I will strive to keep up these new health habits you have helped me formed. Again, thank you."
– F. Obiageli, Huber Heights, OH



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