I’m going to go ahead and assume that most of us are very familiar with the cycle: You're ambitious and determined in January, only to find yourself off track and unmotivated within a few weeks. You begin the process of beating yourself up for failing to achieve your full potential despite your best intentions…and then cycle begins again a few months later. Before you know it, several failed resolution attempts have passed you by.

So, why is it that most New Year’s resolutions fail? Well, I believe that many people fail to realize that creating serious, long-term change is less about willpower and more about designing intelligent, effective goals! In fact, you don’t deserve or have to settle for another failed attempt next year. Keep reading and try out the new method I’m about to share in order to get the results you want this time around!

Turn Your Resolutions Into Questions

If you think about it, when people say or write down their New Year’s resolutions, it’s always a statement. Well, according to countless research findings, asking questions and then answering them is a much more effective method for reaching goals of all contexts!

What It Looks Like

Let’s stay you want to make a resolution about starting your own consulting business next year. Turning it into a question would sound something like: “What’s the first step I need to take to get my first client?”

Why It Works

The question is more like a riddle that prompts a psychological response. In other words, once you create the question, the gears in your mind automatically start turning and it’s like you almost can’t help trying to solve or answer it. This form of engagement causes your brain to even subconsciously go to work breaking down the problem, structuring your next steps and creating the path to achieving your goal!

Life Application

I have some great news for you! This method can be applied beyond New Year’s resolutions, to help you achieve goals you’ve been trying to conquer within your everyday life. Remember, this method inspires innovative and flexible thinking that allows you to step away from the typical mindset full of worry and doubt about doing things the “right way”. This can literally change the way you think, enabling you to get unstuck and realize the momentum you need to succeed!

Life Application Examples:

“I want to be a better me.” “What if I spent one hour a week learning a new skill?
“I want to lose weight.” “How might I fit exercise into my day?”
“I want to boost my business.” “What if I blogged regularly?”
“I want to improve my health.” “How can I increase my water intake on a daily basis?”

Happy New Year, and best wishes to you on achieving your goals!!! Make the new year great!

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Katherine Igah-Phillips, MD, MHA

Returning to Nature, LLC.


IG: @returning2nature