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Hello! My name is Dr. Katherine Igah-Phillips, but to many I am known as simply “Dr. K.”! I am an Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Wellness Coach. I’d love to share my journey with you on just how and why I got here, and what has led me to become an expert on the balancing of mental, spiritual, and physical wellness...


I’m actually from Ohio (Buckeye Nation), city of Dayton to be exact (City of Aviation). I was raised by Nigerian parents (both Igbo, from southeast Nigeria), and I am the oldest of their six children. From a very young age, as many Nigerian parents are known to do, they shaped my character with their individual passions for education, success and living a purpose-driven life. This led me to know what I wanted to do with my life by the time I was in Junior High.  I wanted to help people medically…make sick people feel better. I wanted to be a doctor. I did what we called at the time “candy striping”, spending summer vacations volunteering in local hospitals and clinics to confirm that this was really what I truly wanted to do for the rest of my life…


After high school, I began down the path to becoming a doctor the only way I knew how to at the time…medical school. I started my college career off by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Pre-Medicine/Chemistry, and Psychology. I later completed a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. I achieved my goal of entering medical school, and began the well-known, four-year rigorous curriculum…


About mid-way through the medical school curriculum, I became confronted by the excessive emphasis on the use of pharmaceutical drugs to manage disease. They each always came with a laundry list of side effects, not to mention that they were only masking symptoms rather than addressing the underlying cause of the patient’s issue. Discussion of other resolution factors such as diet, lifestyle, vitamins/supplements, water hydration, etc. was practically non-existent. This was highly contradictory to how I grew up, using various Nigerian herbs and creams to resolve issues, being taught early on about organic eating and limiting sugar intake from my mother, being instructed to take my multivitamin daily, etc. This didn’t sit well with me at all, and I knew I had to learn more. I had to get to the bottom of this. I went on to complete the curriculum and obtain my M.D., mainly so I would have more autonomy to learn and practice the “unconventional” things I knew I wanted take on. Immediately upon graduation, with my excitement and curiosity running wild, I began exploring the world of natural medicine. I went through 3 years of mind-altering post-graduate training in Integrative and Holistic Medicine with an Integrative Family Medicine Physician and a Naturopathic Doctor, within their respective Atlanta-based practices…


As a result of this extensive training, I went on to launch Returning to Nature in the Spring of 2013. Returning to Nature was initially established as a movement designed to create awareness around the world of integrative medicine and holistic wellness. I took on the role of being a public speaker and educator as I began receiving invitations to present wellness lectures, webinars, make special guest appearances at local health fairs and community health functions, and to be a featured guest on wellness radio and talk shows…all under the umbrella of Returning to Nature.

In the Summer of 2013, I decided to initiate a wellness project of my very own. I organized my first Holistic Health Expo, where I showcased only holistic and alternative healing options in health fair format. Shortly thereafter, I went on to introduce Returning to Nature’s results-oriented Holistic Wellness Coaching Service to appease the demand of those in need of my one-on-one guidance to achieving mental, physical and spiritual well-being…


In-between wellness events, I now maintain daily connection with my Returning to Nature following via regular health posts on Returning to Nature’s social media pages, emailed newsletters and the website’s blog posts. With a rapidly growing audience, I will continue chasing my dream of changing the way we view healthcare, and empowering people to live disease-free lives that they truly love!


Katherine Igah-Phillips, MD, MHA

Returning to Nature, LLC.


IG: @returning2nature